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Lilian Day Thorpe

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Lilian Day Thorpe uses Photoshop to create photo-based montages from her own original photographs. The results are fictional landscapes that appear more painterly than photographic. In large part, this quality is due to her affinity with painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin, Mark Rothko, and Giotto, among others.

Thorpe is also moved by the Pictorialist movement of photography, started by Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen, and like the Pictorialists, she strives to portray a similar hand-painted quality in her digital montages.

In September 2014, Thorpe was awarded an artist's residency in the small town of Laugarvatn, Iceland. She spent a month in a farmhouse working on a new series of digital montages inspired by the darkly beautiful and intimate atmosphere of rural Iceland.

Thorpe was born in Indiana and moved to Brooksville, Maine, when she was ten. In 2014, she received her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where she graduated with highest honors (photography major, art history minor). Thorpe is currently pursuing her masters in art history at Pratt.

When she's not in Maine or New York, you can most likely find Thorpe in Iceland, photographing the wild horses and the northern lights, and dreaming of the day she lives in her own purple apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland.