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Rosie Moore

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Rosie Moore uses vibrant color and lively brush strokes intermingled with intricate pattern to create harmonious scenes of harbors and still lifes. Her paintings are both intimate and joyful. Her work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Maine and Washington, DC. Moore holds a MFA form American University, Washington, DC. She also studied at Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC, and Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and she was on the faculty of the Washington Studio School from 1985-1995. Moore splits her time between Maine and Washington, DC, maintaining studios in both locations.

“Nowhere do we see the seamless coming together of such freedom/restraint more clearly than in her still lifes. These beautifully composed canvases, filled with shapes and a complex array of color, come to us with immediacy. . . . Perhaps most admirable about Moore’s work, though, is her ability to maintain tension in her paintings: our heads tell us that an artist with great experience and control has painted them; our hearts, on the other hand, simply feel uplifted in their presence.”

—Margery Irvine
excerpt from exhibition catalog Rosie Moore: Maine Mexico and Moore

”She remains steadfast and true to what I believe is her purpose—how to capture the wondrous beauty of light and color in a chance world of ordinary objects. At every stage over the years, the work goes deeper. She instills her vision and offers it to us in the most modest and unassuming way, refreshingly free of bombast. Each painting is like one of those silent moments so fleeting in real life, when we catch a glimpse of how beautiful are simple things.”

—Betty Edwards
author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Rosie Moore: Maine, Mexico and More 2015
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Rosie Moore: Inside Out 2013
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