Collector’s Focus: Women Artists

American Art Collector highlighted Janice Anthony in an article by John O’Hern in their March 2020 issue along with her painting Balancing Rock.


Janice Anthony lives on a farm in rural Maine intimately aware of her environment. Her painting Balancing Rock illustrates the balance that exists among massive granite rocks and tree roots seeking nourishment. She says, “The natural world, as it transitions from woods into wilderness beyond me, has been my companion for most of my life. I feel it as a continuous presence, both familiar and friendly, and independent and unknown. Such multiplicity of life is happening in this world that surrounds me. We share this space; as I move in and out of it, it flows through me, replacing thought with awareness. In my studio this exchange continues, as I paint I still communicate with the land and waters as they live their lives, indifferent to me, but essential to my painting.”