June 19 – July 13, 2019

Judith Leighton Retrospective

Our second retrospective of pastels by the late Blue Hill gallerist and artist Judith Leighton includes a selection of women, landscapes, and still lifes with a focus on her many interiors of tables and chairs. Leighton preferred the richness of dry pastels, and her colors in this show do not disappoint. The melancholy mood of her muted grey blues and greens in Interior with Two Chairs easily segue into the festivity of Crayola Room with its primary reds and yellows. Chairs, haphazardly pushed back from the table, suggest the lingering satisfaction of a delightful meal as guests retire to the parlor for tea. As usual, her women are serene and content as they hold a flower, invite you to talk, hug a dog, or linger in the park while they contemplate a peaceful afternoon.