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Alan Vlach

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Alan Vlach is a fine art photographer with a deep commitment to the traditional darkroom while fully embracing new technologies. He works extensively with digital enlarged negatives and historical processes, as well as digital printmaking.

In 1999, Vlach began a formal study of the medium with George DeWolfe. Since then, he has attended workshops with Marilyn Bridges, George Tice, Tillman Crane, Brenton Hamilton, Sean Kernan, Mark Nelson, Josephine Sacabo, Paul Taylor, and Lewis Kemper. Vlach attended the Certificate Program at Rockport College from 2004–2005.

In 2006, Vlach began capturing images digitally, working in Photoshop to create enlarged negatives and positives for use in historical processes including platinum/palladium, kallitype, salted paper, cyanotype, and most recently, photopolymer gravure.

Vlach’s salt prints were selected for Past and Present: The Winslow Homer Studio Project, an exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art in 2012–2013. All the photographs for the project were taken in and around Winslow Homer’s painting studio on Prout’s Neck, Maine. Vlach was struck by the ruggedness of the shoreline in contrast to the simplicity of Homer’s studio. The photographs reflect these constrasting themes. Homer was an illustrator early in his career, and Vlach attempted to include qualities of the graphic printing process in the interpretation of these images.

Vlach, who lives in Trenton, Maine, has been teaching at Maine Media Workshops since September 2007.