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David Vickery Artist's Talk

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David Vickery grew up in Connecticut and moved to Maine twenty-four years ago. In 1989, he received a BA in human ecology from the College of Atlantic and was awarded a Carina House Residency in 1993. His work is included in many corporate and private collections and was included in Paintings of New England and The Art of Monhegan,, two books by Maine author Carl Little.

Vickery paints a broad range of subjects from landscapes and interiors to figures. What ties them together is the manner in which he attempts to make sense of the world by exploring human interaction with nature.

I look at interior spaces and our imprint on the landscape with an eye for the imperfect, quirky, and the sometimes elegant adaptations we’ve made in order to live here. —David Vickery


Winter 2014
Paintings by David Vickery and writing by Sarah Vallance, David Kirby, Kent Nelson, and A. V. Christie.

American Arts Quarterly
Spring 2013, Volume 30, Number 2
by Stephen May
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Realism in Maine
"...Vickery likes scenes with an edge. When painting house interiors, he looks for geometric and psychological qualities. The almost vertiginous views up and down stairways in several Maine houses recall Charles Sheeler’s paintings. His deft feel for light is showcased in paintings of the inside of his house, notably a brightly lit depiction of his dining room’s simple table and chairs. Power Outage depicts the same scene, but in dramatic candlelight when the power has been shut off

...Equally striking is Red House at Dusk (2012), a nocturnal painting of a red house on Monhegan Island. The porch is brilliantly lit, offering a stark contrast with the darkened landscape and boats in the adjacent harbor. In a similar vein, Little Island shows a tiny island below his house illuminated by moonlit reflections on the water. Such works demonstrate the artist’s joy at seeing and painting points at which the optical and psychological meet..."


David Vickery:
Poetry of Place

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