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June Grey

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June Grey (b. 1953) is a landscape painter who finds daily inspiration in Maine’s natural beauty. In particular, she strives to capture the fleeting moments of transformational light as it illuminates the landscape. Late afternoon light with long shadows cast in shades of pink, purple, orange, and gold is a favorite. Although Grey uses photography for reference, she relies on her memory and feelings of the experience to shape her paintings. For Grey, painting is a meditative practice, a journey that completes what she calls an awe-inspiring occurrence in nature. Grey’s intention is to share these moments with the viewer, and for each painting to offer them a peaceful respite from today’s hectic world. Grey attended the Montserrat School of Visual Art, in Beverly, MA (now Montserrat College of Art). After graduation, she moved to her husband’s home town of Enfield, Maine. Here Grey discovered the beauty of Maine’s landscape, and painting became her life’s passion. Grey honed her skills by studying painting at the University of Maine, and working as a studio assistant for artist and professor James Linehan. Soon after, her work began to receive awards, and she was invited to exhibit at galleries in Maine and Boston. In 2005, Grey became intrigued by the rules for miniature painting and joined the Florida Miniature Art Society (MASF). She entered national shows and Canadian shows through MASF, and exhibited in shows sponsored by other societies, winning three awards from the Miniature Sculptors, Painters, Gravers Society (MSPGS). Grey was invited to become a member of MSPGS, the only membership she maintains today. Through the MASF and the MSPGS, Grey’s work has been exhibited internationally with the World Federation of Miniatures.