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Exhibition Calendar 2018

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May 25 – June 15, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Friday, May 25, 5–7pm

HOLLY MEADE: Everyday Charm

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art opens its 2018 season with its annual Spring Show and a selection of woodblock prints by Sedgwick artist Holly Meade (1956–2013). Her lively prints are full of wit and charm, exploring everyday life, baking cookies or an afternoon nap, and her humorous personification of animals. Meade is also an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. She illustrated more than 30 children’s books, and her illustrations for Hush!: A Thai Lullaby by Minfong Ho won a 1997 Caldecott Honor for illustration.


Susan Amons, Janice Anthony, Philip Barter, Lise Becu, Siri Beckman, Jeffery Becton, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Philip Frey, June Grey, William Irvine, Henry Issacs, Jessica Lee Ives, Joseph Keiffer, Philip Koch, Rosie Moore, Ed Nadeau, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Stephen Porter, Alison Rector, Cynthia Stroud, Lilian Day Thorpe.

RAGNA BRUNO: Small Abstractions

June 20 – July 14, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, June 27, 5–7pm


JUDY BELASCO: The Mystery of Water

PHILIP BARTER: Mainescapes

Philip Frey: Here and Now
Saturday, July 7 at 4–6:30pm

Join us for the launch of Philip Frey: Here and Now (Marshall Wilkes), a new book by Daniel Kany and Carl Little on the work and career of landscape painter Philip Frey. There will be a talk with the artist and both authors beginning at 5pm. Singer-songwriter Pixie Lauer will perform two original songs inspired by the Philip Frey paintings highlighted in the book from her collection.

With an introduction by curator George Kinghorn, and essays by art critics Daniel Kany and Carl Little, Philip Frey: Here and Now presents the first in-depth look at Frey’s body of work. Kinghorn highlights Frey’s remarkable ability to render complex motifs by way of dynamic planes of color, while Kany and Little place the artist in an art-historical context. In response to Frey’s role in Maine’s evolving contemporary art scene, Kany sums it up best: “Frey’s art occupies the nexus between contemporary painting and brushy traditionalism. If there is a focus to this new direction in Maine painting, his art is it.”

The book launch will be held in conjunction with a solo exhibition for Mr. Frey from June 20–July 14, 2018. Books can be reserved by calling 207-667-6611, or via our contact page.

July 18 – August 12

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 18, 5–7pm



William Irvine: At Home
Wednesday, July 25 at 4–6:30pm

Join us for the launch of William Irvine: At Home (Marshall Wilkes), a new book on Irvine’s unique narrative paintings from his white house series. Several poets and Irvine wrote poems about the paintings.

Irvine’s white house paitnings delight in the daily activities of the fishermen and women who live by the sea. Men sip their morning coffee, repair windows, gather fishing gear and wait for the fog to lift while women call in their cats at dusk, gossip, plant trees, or sunbath sans clothing.

Irvine moved to Maine in 1968 and was immediately drawn to the fishing villages of Corea and Jonesport, whose tidy houses reminded him of the white farmhouses dotting the green hills of Scotland, where he grew up. William Irvine: At Home joins William Irvine: A Painter’s Journey in establishing Irvine as a Maine and American master.

The book launch will be held in conjunction with a solo exhibition for Mr. Irvine from July 18–August 12, 2018. Books can be reserved by calling 207-667-6611, or via our contact page.

August 15 – September 14, 2018

Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, August 15, 5–7pm

JOSEPH KEIFFER: Inspired By Light

LINDA PACKARD: Fruitful Wanderings

Artist’s Talk August 29 at 6pm


October 3 – November 7, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11, 5–7pm
Guest Speaker: Abbe Levin at 6pm


Susan Amons, Siri Beckman, Carroll Thayer Berry, Holly Meade, John Neville, Lilian Day Thorpe, Charles Wadsworth


Charlie Hewitt, William Irvine


Gallery Artists

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art welcomes guest speaker Abbe Levin, who will present “Is Ellsworth Ready for The Cultural Traveler?” at 6pm. Levin is the cultural tourism coordinator for the Maine Office of Tourism. Her talk is part of Art of Ellsworth, a community celebration of the arts in Ellsworth which runs in conjunction with Maine Craft Weekend October 11–14, 2018

December 5 – 23, 2018

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 5, 5–7pm


Participating Artists: Susan Amons, Janice Anthony, Philip Barter, Jeffery Becton, Ragna Bruno, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Philip Frey, William Irvine, Jessica Lee Ives, Rosie Moore, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Alison Rector, Alan Vlach.

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