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Exhibition Calendar 2019

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April 24 – May 15, 2019

Artist’s Talk and Reception: Thursday, May 9, 5:30–7pm
Talk begins at 6pm

Heath Paley: Photographs of Ellsworth

Courthouse Gallery Fine Art opens its 2019 season with a selection of Heath Paley’s large-scale, high-definition photographs. Palye’s photgraphs are explorations of the particular, and the universal aspects, of the urban milieu. His fascination with intricacy and rarely noticed details gives Paley’s urban portraits a more informed understanding of the environment in which most people spend their time.

May 17 – June 14, 2019

Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, May 22, 5–7pm

Spring Show 2019

Janice Anthony, Philip Barter, Lise Becu, Jeffery Becton, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Kate Emlen, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Philip Frey, June Grey, Charlie Hewitt, Kazumi Hoshino, William Irvine, Jessica Lee Ives, Richard Keen, Joseph Keiffer, Philip Koch, Rosie Moore, Ed Nadeau, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Heath Paley, Stephen Porter, Alison Rector, Cynthia Stroud, Lilian Day Thorpe, Christina Thwaites.

Susan Amons: Great Cranberry Island

Susan Amons created these collection of monoprints and watercolors on Great Cranberry Island during a residency at the Heliker–LaHotan Foundation. Her work is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Portland Museum of Art, Farnsworth Museum of Art, the New York and Boston Public Library Collections of Prints, the University of New England, and the museums at Bates, Colby, and Bowdoin colleges, among others.

June 19 – July 13, 2019

Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, June 26, 5–7pm

Philip Frey: Coming Into Focus

Following the launch of his new book Philip Frey: Here and Now (Marshall Wilkes 2018) and his recent show at the University of Maine Museum of Art, Philip Frey is unstoppable. This show, our seventh solo show for Frey, centers around his long-held interest in Maine’s working harbors, Lubec’s iconic fishhouses in particular. His new work is full of bold colors, intricate compositions that draw the viewer in, and fearless brushwork distinguishable by Frey’s broad rectangular strokes.

Judith Leighton Estate Restropective

Our second retrospective of pastels by the late Blue Hill gallerist and artist Judith Leighton includes a selection of women, landscapes, and still lifes with a focus on her many interiors of tables and chairs. Leighton preferred the richness of dry pastels, and her colors in this show do not disappoint. The melancholy mood of her muted grey blues and greens in Interior with Two Chairs easily segue into the festivity of Crayola Room with its primary reds and yellows. Chairs, haphazardly pushed back from the table, suggest the lingering satisfaction of a delightful meal as guests retire to the parlor for tea. As usual, her women are serene and content as they hold a flower, invite you to talk, hug a dog, or linger in the park while they contemplate a peaceful afternoon.

John Neville: New Work

John Neville, who began his career as a printmaker, brings the graphic elements and abstract overtones of his etchings to his oil paintings in this show. Neville’s nostalgic portrayals of bygone days chronicle the folklore and daily lives of the local fishermen and their women from Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia, his childhood village. Men grease the skids, haul boats, and in a humorous self-portrait, Tango, the artist portrays himself as a big fish in a tuxedo dancing with a beautiful redhead. Another new painting, Time To Get On Deck heads the viewer directly into the path of the Eggemoggin Reach regatta.

Christina Thwaites: June 15–July 11

Courthouse Gallery is pleased to debut the work of Christina Thwaites, a British artist, who moved to Maine in 2015, and whose artistic career spans four continents. Thwaites, who studied in Paris and Rome, holds an MA in French Literature and History of Art from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She worked at studios in Amsterdam, and Walasiho, a remote village in South East Sulawesi, Indonesia. In Palestine, she ran art workshops at the Al Fara refugee camps, and in Italy she helped set up and run 33 Officina Creativa (33OC), an international artist-in-residence program located in the medieval village of Toffia. Thwaites has exhibited her work in London, Rome, Palestine, and Australia. Since moving to Maine, she has been taken by the incredible coastline: “The shapes and colours have made a real impression on me. Working on this subject matter in my studio gives me the same feelings of peaceful relief that I experience when I arrive at the seashore in Maine.”

July 15 – August 9

Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 17, 5–7pm

WILLIAM IRVINE: A Walk by the Sea

William Irvine is a Maine and American master, known for his seascapes, as well as enchanting figurative paintings, still lifes, and the ceramics he creates with potter Mark Bell. This show focuses on a life lived near the sea—feeding the gulls, walking the dog, and those lone walks where one meets the wonders of nature—special moments Irvine brings to the canvas to share. Irvine lives in Brookline, Maine, with his wife Margery and their Shetland sheepdog, Tam O’ Shanter.

RAGNA BRUNO: Inner Visions

Ragna Bruno is an abstract painter whose inspiration comes from the landscape or her background in fine art and classical music. Bruno, who was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, moved to Hancock, Maine, in 1977. Here she was able to pursue her passion for art and committed to being a full-time artist. Bruno continues to live and work in Hancock.


Colin Page has distinguished his work by his gestural brush strokes and command of light, which transform ordinary subjects into the spectacular. Color and pattern play significant roles in his well-constructed compositions of harbor scenes, seascapes, and still lifes. His brilliant use of pattern and light turn his abstracted brush strokes, spatters, and marks into an incredible visual feast. Page lives in Camden, Maine.


Jessica Lee Ives uses paint to explore and experience her adventure-filled relationship with the landscape. In 2016, she studied anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, all in the context of the outdoor athlete's paradise of Central Oregon. As a lapsed en plein air painter in search of a new vision for her landscapes, she found it in this—the embodied experience of the natural world. Ives lives in Camden, Maine.

August 14 – September 6, 2019

Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, August 14, 5–7pm

CHARLIE HEWITT: Abstract Paintings and Electric Dreams

Charlie Hewitt is a nationally known Maine-born painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Hewitt’s artwork is largely influenced by the mill-working communities of Lewiston/Auburn and Brunswick where he grew up. The energetic culture of these mill towns revolved around church, family, and work—one that became the foundation of his imagery and symbols.

GALLERY TALK: Wednesday, August 28 at 5:30pm.
“Meaning in Layers” with Charlie Hewitt and art critic Daniel Kany

Hewitt and Kany will talk about the strategies behind making art, and how the creative process, technique, and cultural meaning come together in contemporary art.


Philip Barter’s solo show highlights new paintings and wood reliefs of fishermen, houses, landscapes, and his fondness for Maine’s four distinct seasons, especially fall when the blueberry barrens turn a deep crimson red. A prolific self-taught artist, Barter has become the poet laureate of downeast Maine. His work is in numerous private and public collections, including the Portland Museum of Art and the Farnsworth Art Museum. Barter and his wife, Priscilla, live in Franklin, Maine..


Rosie Moore’s new series of mixed media paintings and collages explore her love of color, texture, and line. These energetic still lifes invite the viewer to simply enjoy the glorious shapes and colors. Moore’s work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, Mexico, and Maine. Moore, who taught at The Studio School in Washington D.C, often told her students “A painting is a discovery. The possibilities are infinite.” Moore splits her time between Washington DC, Mexico, and Blue Hill, Maine.

September 11– October 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 11, 5–7pm

JANICE ANTHONY: Natural Landscapes

JEFFERY BECTON: Digital Montage

RICHARD KEEN: Form Singularity

LINDA PACKARD: Places Observed and Imagined


The Best works by our Gallery Artists

December 3 – January 4, 2019
Artist’s Reception: Wednesday, December 11, 5–7pm


Participating Artists: Janice Anthony, Matt Barter, Philip Barter, Kevin Beers, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Tom Curry, Kate Emlen, Philip Frey, June Grey, William Irvine, Philip Koch, Rosie Moore, John Neville, Linda Packard, Heath Paley, Stephen Porter, Alison Rector, Christina Thwaites.